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# alguix

Alpine Linux packages of GNU Guix.

## What is it

alguix is an alpine linux package repository, providing packages related to
guix package manager, hosted at

## Why did I make it

I contribute to both guix and alpine. I was looking for a way to bring guix
closer to alpine. I initially [tried to port
it]( to
alpine (`<arch>-unknown-linux-musl`). But I failed, sort of. guix compiles
nicely, but errors out a lot at runtime, since the target is not supported by

What now? guix is self-contained. It should be easier to just *plop* it on any
linux distro. So I just did that. For now, alguix, the repository, contains
`guix-binary` package that has all necessary runtime dependencies of guix to be
able to run on alpine linux. Including, well I'm just gonna say it, glibc.

I can now peacefully develop packages for guix on alpine. What an abomination!

### Why did I really make it

Because I just wanted to experiment with hosting my own alpine package
repository. How did it go? Pretty well.

## How to use it

1. Download the signing key to `/etc/apk/keys`:

	doas wget -qO \
		/etc/apk/keys/ \

2. Add the repository to `/etc/apk/repositories`:

	echo "" \
		| doas tee -a /etc/apk/repositories \
		> /dev/null

3. Update and install `guix-binary`:

	doas apk update \
		&& doas apk add guix-binary

4. Start `guix-daemon`:

	doas rc-service guix-daemon start

5. Optionally, add `guix-daemon` to default runlevel:

	doas rc-update add guix-daemon default

6. Optionally, enable `` substitute server:

	doas guix archive --authorize < \

7. Optionally, follow steps in the [Application

## License